Bikram yoga changed our lives and we are excited to share these stories.


She was already one of our favorite people. Each day she comes to practice, she brings such fun, uplifting energy. She is just one of those students who seems to "get it." She never complains about anything, always taking everything in stride and helping us feel better. Until recently, we had NO IDEA she was driving here directly from radiation treatment for lymphoma. Needless to say, we are humbled and inspired to have her as a student.


Markus Frohlich

“When I look around I always learn something, and that is to be yourself always. Express yourself and have faith in yourself. Do not go out and look for a successful personality and duplicate it. Start from the root of your being and ask, how can I be me?”— Bruce Lee

Bikram says, yoga makes you YOU.  We asked Markus to share his story because of his dedication and persistence. It's a great example of how much and how fast Bikram yoga can transform you when you show up consistently.


Madeline Falcone

The best part of teaching is being able to watch students transform their own lives and we couldn't think of a better example than Madeline to share how much her life has changed in the short time she has practiced at our studio.


Jessica Rodriguez

We chose Jessica to share her story because she has dedicated her life and body to protecting the people of Los Angeles.  No matter what her job has exposed her to, she continues to bring positive energy and enthusiasm to the studio and we appreciate the opportunity to give her the space to feel better.